At Magnetic we offer you something that the current investment landscape is missing, and by now you know we are not your typical investment company.  


Magnetic Capital offers you unparalleled security without sacrificing yield or control.

• Uncompromising service and attention to detail.
• Customized portfolios created by you, managed for you.
• Discreet consultations with an emphasis on privacy.
• Optimized annual yields.
• Technology driven, on demand reporting.
• Personalized portfolio management.


Magnetic Capital will give you the freedom you need to take control of your investments. It’s a marketplace that's easy to understand and delivers results you can count on so you can forecast your future accurately and rest easy.


Private mortgage loans pay fixed annual returns that are high enough to get you where you need to go without being unsustainable. There is a growing need for private funds in the mortgage marketplace and your participation creates a win-win for you and those your money is lent to.


The performance of any loan can be predicted by the strength of the collateral that secures it. Private mortgages are secured by the highest form of collateral available. At Magnetic Capital, your investments will always be protected by marketable Canadian real estate valued at no less than 125% of your investment.


Investing and earning a 10% return has never been this easy. Magnetic’s team of private mortgage experts will manage your expectations every step of the way and empower you with education so you never feel overwhelmed or not in control. We make it easy for you to get there sooner.


“At Magnetic Capital we create lasting relationships that help us understand and support our clients far beyond the details of their portfolio. We help you live the life you want, the way you want to, now, and in the future.”