The Mortgage Exchange has been created with flexibility in mind and can accommodate investors with a wide range of needs and/or desires.

With MXTen you earn between 10-11% interest per year on every mortgage you purchase from the Exchange. Investments are managed by Magnetic and rates of return are "All Inclusive" so there are no management fee deductions. Monthly payments are paid by electronic funds transfer. The minimum investment required to participate is $30,000.


MX Equity Protect is the safest way to participate in the Exchange. With Equity Protection, your investment will earn a little less every year (8% instead of 10%) but you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that if anything goes wrong we’ll give you your money back and deal with the problem ourselves with no questions asked. 


An exclusive opportunity for you to take advantage if your portfolio exceeds $500,000. You’ll earn preferred rates of return on every mortgage you purchase from the Exchange and will enjoy Equity Protection for your entire portfolio. Additional perks include a dedicated portfolio attendant and access to exclusive inventory.

“Investments at The Exchange are "On Demand" so your money gets to work quickly. Management of your portfolio by Magnetic Capital Group is “all inclusive” so there are no hidden fees or unexpected deductions that will lower your return on investment.”

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