Magnetic Capital is designed so that it is easy to understand, and completely transparent to even the newest of investors.

We teach you everything you need to know quickly and easily. We make sure you have the peace-of-mind and security you need.

We build a relationship with you, and fully customize everything to fit with your dreams and goals.


Below are three simple steps to help you get started and understand how quickly and easily you can begin earning your 10%.

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What do I need to start investing?

RRSP's, Cash Savings,  or Home Equity

Is there a minimum?

There is a minimum, but there are also strategies, solutions and options to consider. Don't let the minimum get in your way. Call us and we can discuss how you can invest now or begin preparing to invest in the future. We are nationally recognized financial literacy leaders and we can get you there sooner and easier than you might think possible.


“An investor without goals is like a traveller without a destination.”