Magnetic Capital Group has created an exclusive private investment marketplace designed to meet your unique needs. Recognizing that you are time starved as a result of the core business and family responsibilities that drive your day to day, we’ve made it easier to make empowered investment decisions quickly by harnessing the power of Private Mortgage Investing, “on demand”.

By participating in The Mortgage Exchange you will earn double digit, fixed annual returns while your funds are safeguarded by the highest form of collateral available in the marketplace today. Our team of award winning private mortgage experts will manage every aspect of the investment experience for you with no deductions. We pay strict attention to detail and make it easier for you to reach your financial objectives in less time and with greater control.

The Best Loans.

Investment loans available at The Exchange are hand picked from a diverse suite of high quality, already performing loans sourced by Magnetic from some of Canada’s best private mortgage originators. Fixed annual returns start at 10% and are paid monthly by direct deposit. Terms never exceed 12 months and each loan is secured by Canadian real estate collateral valued at no less than 125% of the loan amount itself.

The Best Service.

Magnetic supports you by providing the most comprehensive mortgage administration servicesavailable in the marketplace. The service is complimentary and includes (but is not limited to) payment collection/disbursement services, loan enforcement services, and default management services throughout the term of each loan purchased at The Exchange.

“Magnetic Capital Group is a company that leads by educating, innovating, and optimizing methodologies that deliver consistent results with your best interests in mind at all times.”

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