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At the end of 2016, the private mortgage market represented roughly 13% of the $1.4 trillion Canadian mortgage marketplace, which is almost double the 6.70% market share reported in 2006, and represents a total of $180 billion worth of private mortgages. Since 1990, the average default rate for mortgages in Canada is less than 0.3%. Statistics suggest that even amidst the most challenging economic times including periods of recession, the default rate for mortgages in Canada has historically never been higher than 0.7%.


Build wealth with the mortgage exchange.

The Mortgage Exchange is a an exclusive real estate investment marketplace where you can buy and trade performing, high-yield private mortgage loans. Our private mortgage experts hand-pick each investment for you and help customize your portfolio by choosing from a diverse suite of high quality, already performing loans. Fixed annual returns start at 10% and are paid monthly by direct deposit. Terms never exceed 12 months and each loan is secured by Canadian real estate collateral valued at no less than 125% of the loan amount itself.

The performance of any loan can be predicted by the quality of the collateralthat secures it. There is no better investment than a portfolio of performing loans.

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