Our experience and expertise; your peace of mind.

Magnetic has established a decade long track record of undisturbed success dealing and trading in Canadian private mortgages. We are expertly prepared to deal with any potential problem that can arise. With Equity Protection you'll never have to worry about anything and your investment will still earn 8% per year. It doesn't get any better than that. 


Rest easy knowing the burden of risk lies with us.

Equity protection ensures that your investment is shielded from loss. If your portfolio has equity protection and anything goes wrong, Magnetic will buy it back from you for exactly what you invested in it with no questions asked.


Small cost. Big value.

Equity protection reduces your annual return by only 2% (from 10% to 8%), which is a small cost for total peace of mind. With your funds still earning 8% per year, your investment nest egg will double every 9 years.


8 is enough.

For most people, 8% per year is enough to get them where they need to go. Why take more risk than you have to? We can help you determine if 8 is enough. Call today.

Terms do apply for equity protection. Investors wishing to purchase Equity Protection for their portfolio will be provided third party independent legal advice prior to formalizing their investment at Magnetic's expense. Magnetic's administrative servicing agreement outlines all terms of the Equity Protection agreement. In the interest of full disclosure in compliance with the regulations set out in the MBLAA 2006 the servicing agreement will be reviewed with the investor prior to the investment being formalized.


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