An investment in knowledge pays the highest interest.

Private mortgage investing is simple. The fundamentals can be learned in as little as 10 minutes and the finer points can be learned as you go with the help of our team of experts. 


MX 10 is Profitable.

Your funds can earn more than 10% per year in The Exchange. At that pace, your money will double in less than 8 years. The math is easy, just like everything else at The Exchange.


MX 10 is Simple.

Investing in private mortgages through the Exchange is remarkably simple. It might be the most boring way your money could earn 10% but if boring means you get where you need to go sooner then maybe boring is ok.


MX 10 is Secure.

The Mortgage Exchange is stable and your investments are protected by the highest form of collateral - very marketable Canadian real estate. You even have the option of adding Equity Protection which puts the burden on us if anything goes wrong.

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