The game has changed.

You can no longer count on just month to month savings from personal income and a reliable pension to secure your future. The cost of living continues to Now, more than ever, investment success is paramount to achieving financial peace of mind.

Time is money.

For decades, traditional investment markets have proven to be highly volatile. A volatile environment makes it very difficult for you to build wealth with any degree of predictability. The cost is time that the you can’t get back. You need a stable marketplace you can count on to produce results consistently.

The fast pace of life in the new millennium leaves you time starved. As a result, you’re forced to rely on the advice of an advisor or your bank when making major strategic investment decisions. No one will ever handle your money with as much care as you will. You need more control.

A rock and a hard place.

Canadian investment advisors and fund managers charge some of the highest fees in the world whether your money grows or not. The system is flawed. You deserve to be guaranteed a specific threshold of return on your investment before your advisor gets paid.

Accountability problem.

“The Mortgage Exchange is an exclusive investment marketplace where investors can purchase secured, private mortgage investments on demand that deliver fixed annual returns starting at 10% with no deductions.”


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